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Here are two links with Microsoft's free Ebook links:

Largest FREE Microsoft eBook Giveaway: Microsoft eBooks from Eric Ligman (Microsoft Director of Business & Sales Opreations)


The second link is from Microsoft Virtual Academy with free eBooks from Microsoft Press:


How to run Lego Boost on an Android Phone

Lego Boost is the new "creative toolbox" from Lego for kids (Lego NXT is designed for ages greater than 14, whereas Lego Boost was labeled for ages "7-12") to build robots which comes with a set of 5 models to be built.
According to official information, you need to have an Android tablet or an iPad in order to run Lego Boost app (and also Kindle, but there is no Windows application, yet). And this app works only after Android version v5.x.

But what to do, if you have only an Android phone? Well, you cannot donwload Lego Boost app from Google's Playsore ("This device is not supported").
If you try to download Lego Boost apk file from APK-downloader sides, it won't run on your phone..

But there is a way to overcome this: APKPure

APKPure's app enables to run XAPK files, which you can download also from their website.

After installing APKPure on your Android phone, search for Lego Boost and download XAPK file:

You can also download APK files, and older versions if you scroll down:

Now you can run Lego Boost from Android phone without any restriction (well, on an 5.5" screen a bit tight but makes fun working with it)


Integrating PyGame into 64-Bit Portable (Win-) Python

If you download the PyGame installation files (from http://www.pygame.org/download.shtml) for the WinPython 64-Bit edition, it is likely that you get following error messages:

According to the following Stackoverflow article, the 32-Bit PyGame libraries are causing such problems, and they need to be replaced by the 64-Bit versions, which are maintained under following website: http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/#pygame
(amongst them is the PyGame)

The files are listed on this website as "*.whl" files, which are in fact ZIP files and can be opened by 7-Zip.

The subfolder "pygame-1.9.3.data" contains all header files, which need to be copied to the "include" folder of WinPython portable installation:

The subfolders "pygame" and "pygame-1.9.3.dist-info" subfolders are needed to be copied to "..\Lib\site-packages" folder:

After copying the folders to the appropriate directories, you can check it with "import pygame" in Python Shell (which does not necessarily needed to be restarted).
If everything goes well, Python Shell could correctly import the PyGame libraries and you can work with it.



Eine übersichtliche Darstellung der Kompotenzen mit Links und weitere Erklärungen in einer Matrix-Struktur.




Using keywords to refine a windows explorer search

If you want to filter on a property that doesn't appear when you click in the search box, you can use special keywords. This typically involves typing a property name followed by a colon, sometimes an operator, and then a value. The keywords aren't case sensitive. 

Example search term Use this to find
Files whose names begin with "notes." The < means "begins with."
System.FileName:="quarterly report"
Files named "quarterly report." The = means "matches exactly."
Files whose names contain the word "pro" or the characters pro as part of another word (such as "process" or "procedure"). The ~= means "contains."
System.Kind:<> picture
Files that aren't pictures. The <> means "is not."
Files that were modified on that date. You can also type "System.DateModified:2010" to find files changed at any time during that year.
Files whose authors don't have "herb" in their name. The ~! means "doesn't contain."
Files that are tagged with the word sunset.

System.Size: <1mb
Files that are less than 1 MB in size.

System.Size: > 1gb
Files that are more than 1 GB in size.

Link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/advanced-tips-for-searching-in-windows


Emulierter Raspberry Pi unter Windows

Mit dem Emulator-Paket für Windows kann man ohne Installation, Konfiguration und Anstöpseleien weiterer Hardware sofort erste Schritte in der Welt des Raspberry Pi unternehmen – ohne tiefer gehende Linux-Kenntnisse. Dazu genügt es für den Anfang, das Archiv zu entpacken und die Datei start.bat auszuführen. Der Emulator Qemu öffnet ein Fenster und startet das Raspberry-Image (Raspbian). Im Fenster lässt sich der Bootvorgang des Pi verfolgen – etwaige Fehlermeldungen kann man getrost ignorieren. Das Hochfahren nimmt einige Zeit in Anspruch, der emulierte Pi läuft selbst auf schnellen Rechnern sogar etwas langsamer als ein echter Raspberry.  

Heise.de Link

Quantum Physics and the Microscopic Universe Documentary

Quantum Physics (Theory) & Microscopic Universe - Laws of Quantum Mechanics


CodeBlocks: one of the best IDE for Arduino

CodeBlocks Arduino IDE is a customized distribution of the open-source Code::Blocks IDE enhanced for Arduino development. It provides more demanding software developers with everything a modern IDE should have including code foldering, code completion, code navgiation, compiling as well as uploading for Arduino. With a dedicated project wizard, it’s easy create a ready-to-go Arduino project. The distribution integrates latest Arduino core files, standard Arduino libraries, AVR toolchain, Arduino Builder, a serial terminal and most interesting, an API-level Arduino simulator (under development).

Other alternatives can be found under http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/DevelopmentTools

Oracle's VirtualBox as Portable Application

With Portable-VirtualBox you can run VirtualBox as portable application. It is a free and open source software tool that lets you run any operating system from a usb stick without separate installation.

More info from com-magazin.de (in German)
Ready to use Windows OVAs (VirtualBox files)


How to get rid of insufficient storage available error on Samsung Note I

By opening the SysDump with the special code 

  1. Open the "Phone" app and switch to Keypad.
  2. Dial *#9900#
  3. On the screen "SysDump" appears with some buttons, click on the button labelled "Delete dumpstate/logcat".
  4. Do not forget the exit SysDump with "Exit" button at the end.
(Source:  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16818049/...)


Windows 8.1 WLAN Hotspot Access Point with board instruments

Windows has with netsh command very useful instruments to enable a laptop or desktop WLAN hotspot to share internet access with tablets, smartphones or other laptops.

("Internet Connection Sharing" must also be enabled for the selected adapter.)

Here is the description of the netsh hosted-network description:
C:\WINDOWS\system32>netsh wlan set hostednetwork
One or more parameters for the command are not correct or missing.

Usage: set hostednetwork [mode=]allow|disallow [ssid=]



    Tag             Value
    mode            Specifies whether to allow or disallow the hosted network.
    ssid            SSID of the hosted network.
    key             The user security key used by the hosted network.
    keyUsage        Specifies whether the user security key is persistent or


    This command changes the properties of hosted network, including: SSID
    of the hosted network, allow or disallow the hosted network in the system,
    and a user security key that is used by the hosted network.

    The user security key should be a string with 8 to 63 ASCII characters,
    eg. a passphrase, or 64 hexadecimal digits which represent 32 binary

    If keyUsage is specified as persistent, the security key will be saved
    and used when the hosted network is started again in future. Otherwise
    it will be used only when the current or next time the hosted network
    is started. Once the hosted network is stopped, the temporary security
    key will be deleted from the system. If keyUsage is not specified, it
    is persistent by default.

    This command requires administrator privileges to allow or disallow the
    hosted network.


    set hostednetwork mode=allow
    set hostednetwork ssid=ssid1
    set hostednetwork key=passphrase keyUsage=persistent

You can combine the parameters in one command.
The following shows a sample usage in order:

1. Settings for WLAN hotspot 

netsh wlan set hostednetwork ssid=myLaptop key=mySecretKye93 keyUsage=persistent

2. Start hosted-network

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

3. Check the status

netsh wlan show hostednetwork

4. Stop hosted-network

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork